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transforming workspaces into productive places

The end results were met with immense satisfaction, as the refurbished office space surpassed expectations. SG Kleinwort Hambros expressed their contentment with the outcome and enthusiastically looks forward to collaborating with IOP again in the future. By successfully combining aesthetic appeal, functionality, and responsible corporate values, the collaboration between SG Kleinwort Hambros and IOP stands as a model case study for office refurbishment projects seeking to enhance productivity and reinforce social responsibility.

"SG Kleinwort Hambros contracted IOP to refurbish our existing office to create a welcoming and modern space. They did a great job in the design process, coming up with creative ideas that matched our overall aesthetic for the project but also our budget. This is included a centre island in our kitchen which acts as a focal point for the space as well as a great communal spot for informal chats. The project ran smoothly and on time, and they even facilitated the donation of some of our old furniture to the Health & Social care department of the States of Guernsey in line with our ambition to become a leading responsible bank. All in all, we are very happy with the end results and look forward to working alongside IOP again in the future."

David Bromley, CEO Fiduciary Services, SG Kleinwort Hambros Trust Company (CI) Ltd


SG Kleinwort Hambros, a leading financial institution, sought to revamp its existing office space into a welcoming and contemporary environment. To achieve this vision, they enlisted the expertise of IOP.


SG Kleinwort Hambros



Throughout the design process, IOP showcased their creativity by presenting innovative ideas that perfectly aligned with the project's aesthetic objectives and budget constraints. Among the notable features introduced was a captivating centre island in the kitchen, which not only served as a focal point but also fostered a sense of community, encouraging informal interactions among employees.

Furthermore, in line with SG Kleinwort Hambros' commitment to responsible banking, IOP actively facilitated the donation of the company's old furniture to the Health & Social Care department of the States of Guernsey. This demonstrated the collective effort to contribute positively to the local community, reflecting SG Kleinwort Hambros' aspiration to be a leading force in ethical business practices.


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