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transforming workspaces into productive places

The result is a vibrant and modern space that showcases Sovereign's commitment to employee satisfaction and growth. This case study stands as an example for others, demonstrating the positive impact of investing in employee-focused office spaces that enhance productivity and well-being, while embracing the changing dynamics of the workplace.

"For the uninitiated, an office refurb on this scale can be a daunting and complicated undertaking. However, with the right support and direction, it can also be an extremely rewarding experience.. The vision we had at Sovereign was the easy part; making that vision become a reality needed the expertise of IOP. The client experience of working with the team at IOP, in particular Sarah Allisette and Chris Tardif, was not only a pleasure, but also an education. What we have achieved with our new office environment is a testament to their expertise. Enjoying your workspace and being proud of your working environment is a powerful thing, not to be underestimated. No one gets away without an office tour – I think that says it all!"

Leigh Higgins, Operations Director, Sovereign Guernsey


Embracing the need for adaptability and collaboration, Sovereign embarked on a mission to design an environment that fosters creativity and well-being, resulting in a modern, open-plan layout that encourages cross-departmental collaboration and teamwork.


Sovereign Guernsey



The integration of flexible workstations and ergonomic furniture prioritises employee well-being, creating a comfortable and enjoyable workspace that serves as a powerful recruitment tool. The office's focal point is the two outdoor terraces, offering stunning views and biophilic design principles, providing staff with a relaxing spot for informal meetings or lunch in the sun.


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