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White Star Capital wanted to create a modern, contemporary space within a listed building.


White Star Capital 



Our team embarked on a remarkable journey to breathe new life into a timeless treasure – a listed building brimming with history and character. Our mission? To seamlessly blend the old and the new, converting a traditional space into a modern, contemporary masterpiece while preserving and enhancing its cherished historical features.

With intricate architectural details, including ornate mouldings and majestic high ceilings, it was essential to honour and preserve these features. We meticulously restored every historic element, using traditional craftsmanship to maintain their integrity. To infuse a modern, contemporary ambiance into the space, we carefully selected design elements that complemented the historic charm. The addition of sleek, minimalist furnishings, cutting-edge lighting solutions, and a neutral color palette transformed the space into a stunning blend of old-world elegance and contemporary sophistication.

"IOP provided invaluable assistance in revitalizing our office space at La Plaiderie House, within a listed building & challenging time frame. Their expertise allowed us to create a contemporary and inviting environment by refreshing the interiors and supplying all of our new furniture. The blend of modern furnishings and the building's traditional features has resulted in a remarkable transformation that aligns with our business needs. Throughout the process, IOP has continuously supported us, helping us acquire additional furniture when needed and assisting with expansion to accommodate a spacious new private office. Their responsiveness, helpfulness, and realistic approach to budgeting have been greatly appreciated. Working with Chris & Sarah on this project has been a pleasure."

Laura Havard, Global Financial Controller, White Star Capital


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